A haiku summary of adventures so far
by Sam Rowell

Angry baby yells. | "Rise up toddler friends, revolt! | Reclaim your future.
Reject the structures, | Reject the technology | binding us apart."
Needing sustenance | he feeds on invertebrates. | Where are his parents?
His dreams richly paint | futures of nature rising | and maybe some boobs.
Bat Guru arrives | from teapot style magic lamp | to ease toddlers pain.
"You bear no burden. | Advanced thought is no millstone, | Infant Optimist.
Only through striving| to invert corporate structures| will you achieve change."
Executive shills, | representing lost futures, | loathe to cough up dough.
Sleeping and walking, | executive toddler naps, | unconcious of paths
The toddler wanders. | A harbinger or prophet| calling for new tomorrows?
Sonambient drift | ends in near disaster and | post partum snackage.
"Let's stop eating beef, | poisoning ecosystems, | and eat bugs," he says.
"We'll emulate birds, | tread lightly or not at all | on the earth. Eat worms!"
He personifies, | with shirt tucked into diaper, | boldness and daring.
A clarion call | goes out form the mouth of babes, | iPhone included.
The toddler exhorts- | "Change patterns and behaviors! | Set things in motion!
Conquer apathy! | Embrace new prosperity!" | But who will listen?

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Executive Toddler is © Chr. Cammett

The Executive Toddler